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Depression , insomnia , stress , untreatable body pain (lower back , spine , neck , hands), unexplained & untreatable medical conditions , spiritual problems, sleep paralysis, nightmares , mild to severe headaches , fluctuating and moving pain inside the body, infertility , split personality etc.

These issues have become inevitable in people in this era, where the modern science have failed to explain and treat most of these medical cases , as modern medicines treat patients with drugs & chemicals which came recently.

Kifayath khan , a spiritual doctor and a therapist ,having knowledge of the spiritual world , by understanding science of spirituality , learning about human Sickness and spirits. etc concludes this as ,

A platform where we prove and show how we deliver peace of mind ,and eventually facilitate better way of living.

We certainly bring hope by eliminating the root cause .our strategic planning , Divine therapies and technique make us stand out from the rest.We at Ruhhh are here to facilitate the best possible remedies to end spiritual ailments.

We also treat patients afflicted with black magic, possession, evil eye and many other spiritual issues.

We take appointments in and around the country and are available for home visits also.


What Our Clients Say


I thank dr.kifayath, the ruhhh spiritual doctor for curing me with the spirits as I was facing multiple spiritual issues, had been to many doctors for treatment but nothing worked later I came across dr.kifayath.I had a very good and proper treatment for which I was suffering from a very long time....alhamdulillah, had a very good experience. I would like to suggest everyone who is suffering with any kind of spiritual issues to contact him for the proper treatment.


Safia Rasheed

I just thought of sharing my experience.
My case was very sensitive,
I had started seeing things , hallucinating a lot of things which made my condition very critical.
We consulted n number of doctors and even spiritual advisers but nothing seemed to work .
Then one of my friends recommended Mr. Kifayath, I started my treatment with him and I could see the difference in the first session itself .
Alhumdulillah the cause was recognised and treated very well he is an angel for me.
Thank you God, He is God's Gift for me( Kifayath Khan)
I highly recommend him ..!!


My case was a complicated one, I had issues like mental disturbance , suicidal thoughts and eventually realised that I had split personality as well.
We consulted many doctors and 'n' number of spiritual guiders but couldn't find the root cause. There were times where my condition went from bad to worse

  After some time I found Mr. Kifayath on social media , in few sessions I was able to find results in a beautiful way. Eventually Alhamdulillah we could recognize the root cause and treated it accordingly.